US Team at the Faustball WM 2014 Opening Ceremony

Congratulations to the US National Team for achieving the best finish in US Fistball history in their very first foray into international competition.  If you missed out on the live stream, you can still watch games 2 and 3 of USA vs Argentina at the Faustball WM 2014.

The US team arrived in Switzerland two weeks ago to compete in the Obersee Masters tournament where they gained valuable international fistball experience and honed their skills.  An exhibition match against the Swiss U18 team prior to the Obersee Masters tournament resulted in the first US victory in international play.


Team USA with Swiss U18 Team in Jona, Switzerland

The team then moved on to Stuttgart where they trained with TVS Stammheim and won another exhibition match against another Fistball World Championship newcomer…Colombia.


Team USA with Colombian National Team in Stuttgart, Germany

At the World Championships in Dresden, Germany, the US team achieved an even higher level of play.  It was tough going on day 1 suffering losses to two top ranked teams in Brazil and Switzerland.  The following two days featured a tough loss to Chile followed by back to back thrilling victories over the Czech Republic and Colombia.  Those wins earned the US team a shot at 7th place against a tough Argentinian team.  Argentina proved to be too powerful as they took 7th place with a hard-fought win over the US team.


Kay Crosby Literally Crushes the Ball


USA vs Brazil 0:3 Brazil (2:11, 5:11, 3:11)

USA vs Switzerland 0:3 Switzerland (6:11, 9:11, 6:11)

USA vs Chile 0:3 (5-11,8-11,8-11)

USA vs Czech Republic 3:0 (11-9,11-6,11-3)

USA vs Colombia 3:1 (11:4, 12:10, 8:11, 11:6)

USA vs Argentina 0:3 (6-11, 9-11,7-11)


The 8th place finish by the women’s team trumps the 2011 men’s teams 9th place finish for highest overall finish at a world championship and they did it in their international competition.  Hopefully, this is just the tip of the iceberg for US Women’s Fistball…the team played close matches with top teams such as Switzerland, Chile, and Argentina and coach Gastão Englert believes the future is bright for the US Women’s team!


US Team Celebrates their Best Ever Finish


Bonnie Zobel Proudly Displays the US Flag at the Opening Ceremony


US Team Puts on their Game Faces Prior to the Final Match vs Argentina

The US Team Captured 8th Place in their First Fistball World Championship

The US Team Captured 8th Place in their First Fistball World Championship

Head Coach Gastão Englert Brings Commitment, Experience, and Motivation to the US Team



Photos Courtesy of Faustball WM 2014 photographers (Michael Huber, Ingo Stoldt, Felix Stoldt, Stefan Gusenleitner, Manfred Lindorfer, and Pete Buehning)




US National Team

From various locations on the East Coast and the Midwest, US Women’s team members boarded taxis, buses, and then planes to begin the long journey to Switzerland where the team will begin its international adventures competing in the sport of fistball.

The US team will land in Switzerland on Friday July 25th, just in time to compete in an exhibition match against the Swiss U18 at the Obersee Masters tournament held annually in Jona, Switzerland.  The tournament is the largest annual outdoor fistball tournament in the world playing host to nearly 100 teams. Because the Quadrennial Women’s World Championships are being held in Dresden, German just one week later, over half of the international women’s teams will also compete in the Obersee Masters tournament this year making it a great tournament for the US Women’s team to get their international feet wet in.

The team is then off to Stuttgart, Germany where they will compete in a friendly exhibition match against Colombia as well as train with the TV Stammheim Bundesliga Faustball team in order to prepare for the 2014 World Championships that begin later in the week.  The exhibition was kindly organized by TV Stammheim Bundesliga Faustball. The US and Colombian teams will be seeing quite a bit of each other as both teams are competing at the Obersee Masters, training together in Stuttgart, and finally sharing a bus as well as the same pool as the World Championships.

The US Team’s trek through central Europe will conclude with the 2014 Faustball WM in Dresden, Germany July 30th to August 3rd. The US Women’s team will open competition on Wednesday July 30th with tough matches against Brazil and Switzerland. On Thursday July 31st, the US team takes on Chile and Colombia to round out their pool play.  The real fun begins with the Qualifying round on Friday August 1st, followed by the Semifinals, and the Finals on Saturday.  After a post-tournament party on Saturday night, the team will enjoy an awards banquet on Sunday and then they will begin the long journey back home.


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Allenton Fistball Tournament Participants

Allenton Fistball Tournament Participants

This past week the kids of Allenton Elementary school took home the first medals ever awarded by the USFA in an organized youth fistball tournament. The Allenton Blue 1 team took home the Gold medals after narrowly defeating the Allenton Blue 3 team in a hard-fought championship match. The teams successfully defended multiple match points until finally Allenton Blue 1 was able to claw out a 2-point nail-biter victory.  The players celebrated with gold, silver, and bronze medals as well as post-game popsicles.

The tournament was a culmination of efforts by Allenton Elementary Principal Angela Wickus, Physical Education teacher Mary Campbell, and USFA president Jim Blank. Mrs. Wickus originally learned of fistball through the classes offered by the USFA at the Kettle Moraine YMCA.  She suggested that team USA present at an all-school assembly at Allenton Elementary back in January. Coach Gastão Englert’s presentation had the kids laughing and cheering as loud as they could.  The event was such a big hit with the students and their energy level was so high that USFA President Jim Blank stated the next logical step was to host a tournament for the kids so they could get hands-on experience playing the game of fistball.  Mrs. Wickus sent a signup sheet for a potential tournament home with the 5th grade class and the response was overwhelming as thirty kids signed up.

Mary Campbell, Allenton Elementary’s physical education teacher, added fistball to her lesson plan for the month of April/May and USFA President Jim Blank along with a couple of team USA players came to Allenton on Tuesday nights to practice with the kids. The kids honed their fistball skills from week to week and their efforts culminated with last week’s USFA youth tournament.

Jim Blank plans to continue to partner with local schools in the future to generate more interest and participation in the sport. Players interested in playing more fistball are welcome to attend the FREE USFA fistball clinic and picnic being hosted at the new USFA fields at the Jackson Town Hall complex on May 31st from 1-3:30 pm. The Jackson Parks & Recs department is also offering youth and adult fistball leagues on Thursdays starting in June. See page 21 of the Jackson Parks and Recs department flyer for details!

Photos courtesy of Dean Paynter

Allenton Fistball Tournament Group Photo with Medals

Allenton Fistball Tournament Group Photo with Medals

USFA President Jim Blank coaching Allenton Blue 1

USFA President Jim Blank coaching Allenton Blue 1

Tournament Champions Allenton Blue 1

Tournament Champions Allenton Blue 1

Allenton Blue 3 showing off their Silver Medals

Allenton Blue 3 showing off their Silver Medals

Allenton Red Bronze Medalists celebrate with popsicles after the tournament

Allenton Red Bronze Medalists celebrate with popsicles after the tournament

Allenton Red Bronze Medalists

Allenton Red Bronze Medalists

Tournament Organizers (2011 Team USA player Dan Paynter, Allenton Principal Angela Wickus, USFA President Jim Blank, and Allenton Phy-Ed Teacher Mary Campbell))
Tournament Organizers (2011 Team USA player Dan Paynter, Allenton Principal Angela Wickus, USFA President Jim Blank, and Allenton Phy-Ed Teacher Mary Campbell)


2014-03-26 00_18_00-Unsere _ Ludwig-Bälle_ für Frauen, Männer u

Fun for the WHOLE FAMILY!

Why not try your hand, er, fist at the latest sport sweeping across the world! The United States Fistball Team has partnered with the Jackson Jt. Parks & Recreation Department to offer the rare opportunity to learn the sport of fistball directly from the national team members & coaches. This clinic is for both youth and adult players or educators interested in learning more about fistball.  Participants will learn how to use forearms, closed fists, and teamwork to defend, set, spike, and serve a fistball. US Team members will demonstrate the basic skills needed for fistball and then lead participants in several fun games.

So, what is Fistball?? Kinda like volleyball, but with a bounce! In Fistball, as in volleyball, players have up to 3 contacts to return the ball back over the net. Unique to Fistball is that players may only use arms for each contact with the ball, the ball may bounce in between each contact, service takes place at the front of the courts, and the net is much lower than in volleyball. The bounce allows for long exciting volleys. Don’t miss out on this rare opportunity to learn a challenging new sport!

Clinic includes FREE picnic luncheon sponsored by King Pin Bowl.
Please register for the clinic/luncheon either via an email to USAFistball@gmail.com or through the Jackson Jt. Parks & Recreation Department at the Community Center so we have a lunch count..  This is not limited to Jackson community members…All communities are welcome at this event!
**Long Sleeve Shirts are recommended for ball control.
Location: Jackson Town Hall & Park, Fistball Complex – 3146 Division Rd., Jackson
Dates Day Time Fee Class
May 31 SAT 1 pm – 3:30 pm FREE 3107







Please support King Pin Bowl in West Bend for Sponsoring this event!

photo (1)



Ylogo_purple The United States Fistball Association will continue it’s partnership with the Kettle Moraine YMCA in West Bend in hosting a fistball clinic at the YMCA’s annual Open House event on Saturday April 26th from 11:30 am to 2:30 pm.

The US Fistball team will add it’s name to a long list of great sports organizations that have partnered with the Kettle Moraine YMCA at this event. Past clinics have been hosted by the Milwaukee Wave, Milwaukee Bucks, and the Washington County Untouchables.

2011 US Team members and coaching staff will be onsite to promote the sport of fistball to both adult and youth players. This event is open to the public, free of charge, and often draws hundreds of participants. Come learn the basics of fistball and check out everything else the Kettle Moraine YMCA has to offer at the same time!

The USFA currently teaches youth fistball classes at the Kettle Moraine YMCA. See the program on the YMCA website for further details.

Healthy Kids Day 2014





Other Activities & Events at Healthy Kids Day include:

Build a happier, healthier kid with these FREE, fun and exciting activities:
Stay Safe
- Safety information from Kohl’s Cares Grow Safe & Healthy program
Be Creative – The Museum of Wisconsin Art will engage all ages with a hands-on activity
Get Dirty – Wellspring, a local organic farm, will have their worm farm on hand
Meet & Greet – Mascot Fun: Gil from the Chinooks and Roscoe from the Admirals
Learn New Sports – Fistball, Parkour, Archery and Golf
Say Cheese – Grab your family and jump into the Photo Booth
Get Crafty – Make your own take home crafts with 4H
Splash - Swimming in the Family Adventure Pool starting at 1:30pm
Fire Safety – The West Bend Fire Department & TruSense Fire Safety will be here
Get Hands On – Home Depot will be helping the kids to make their own project
Ymazing Race - Challenge your mind and body as you accomplish different tasks
Fun Galore - Bounce Houses, Open Family Playtime and so much more!